Physics Lectures

Posted on 2011/09/06


Below are links to recordings of some of the physics lecture I have given over the past few years.

11-vii-01 – Alleyn’s School Lightning Strike (on 11-06-28)

On Tuesday the 28th of June 2011 at around 2:15pm, the tower on top of the Duke of Edinburgh Building at Alleyn’s School was struck by lightning. As well as damage to the building’s roof, the fire alarm and telephone networks were damaged across the school.

In this talk, given three days after the event, I attempts a description of the facts, a brief tour of our knowledge of the basic process of lightning and a possible explanation of the damage to the building.

11-i-21 – The Geometry of the Planets

The Lecture explores the relationship between mathematics and physics. Specifically geometry and astronomy. In doing so, the lecture includes a brief account of the historical journey to understanding the logic of scientific discovery which leads to the physics of Kepler and Newton.

27-xi-09 - PhilSoc - Soap Bubbles

A lecture I gave at Manchester Grammar School for PhilSoc