Piano Recordings

Posted on 2011/09/06


Below are links to recordings of some of piano playing I have done over the past year.

 Bach Prelude B minor (WTC Book II) BWV 893
 Improvisation – (11/10/22)
 Heartland – A Keith Jarrett Composition
 Three Views Of A Secret – A Jaco Pastorius Composition
 Bach Invention No 11 G minor BWV 782
 Treasure Island – A Keith Jarrett Composition
 Bach Invention No 14 Bb major BWV 785
 Bach Invention No 2 C minor BWV 773
 Bach Invention No 4 D minor BWV 775
 In Your Quiet Place – A Keith Jarrett Composition
 Chopin Nocture Eb Op 9 No 2
 Bach Little Prelude C minor BWV 999
 Bach Invention No. 8 F Major BWV 779
 Beethoven Op. 27 Sonata No. 14 – 1st Movement (Moonlight)
 Standing Outside – A Keith Jarrett Composition
 Mon Coeur Est Rouge – A Keith Jarrett Composition
 John Boy – A Brad Mehldau Composition
 Bach Little Prelude in D minor BWV 940

 Bach Invention No. 9 in F minor BWV 780

 Blackbird – Piano Cover in the Style of Brad Mehldau
 Here Comes The Sun – Piano Cover in the Style of Keith Jarrett
 Liberty City – As Played by Jaco Pastroius
 With A Little Help From My Friends – Piano Cover in the Style of James Taylor
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