Making A TED-Ed Video – Part 1

Posted on 2012/04/23


Feature Image - Making A TED-Ed Video

The charity ‘Technology, Entertainment, & Design‘ – or ‘TED’ – has a recent offshoot project. It’s called TED-Ed, and aims at facilitating a collaboration between educators and animators to make online educational videos.

One of my old students sent me an email suggesting I might be interested in applying. A week later, I had a telephone conversation with the TED-Ed team in New York, and we agreed i’d write two scripts.

The first idea was to write a lesson about the connection between physics and perception. I wanted to make a distinction between light and colour, addressing the  mistakes people make when they say things like ‘black doesn’t exist’.

If you’re interested, here’s the script:

A Study In Magenta

After some discussion, it became apparent that the abstract nature of the script makes it difficult to animate. So, we’ve canned that one and decided to focus on the second idea.

It’s based on a paper I published this January for Physics Education called ‘The Electric Vocabulary‘. I’ve attempted to distill the paper into a seven minute lesson.

Here’s the script:

The Electric Vocabulary

We decided the historical narrative lends better to the project, and have worked together to finalize the narration I will read.

To get a high-fidelity audio to the animators, the team at TED-Ed have sent a small recording booth to my London flat. It includes an iPad that will upload the finished recording.

It arrived today:

Check back tomorrow where i’ll assemble the equipment and attempt to record the script.

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