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Research & Antiresearch – Physics Errors in Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”

January 6, 2012


‘FACT’ must be one of the least expected titles for the forward to a novel. Nevertheless, this is how Dan Brown chose to start his mystery-thriller: with a series of knowledge claims about the physics of anti-matter. The motivation for this strange opening becomes more transparent the further one reads ‘Angels and Demons’. Brown clearly intends for the… [Read more…]

A Comparative Analysis of the Portrayal of Scientists in Popular Media with Reference to 80s Films

July 12, 2011


***This post is based on an essay I wrote in September 2010 when my friend Tom Ward challenged me with the title.*** The popular media’s usual portrayal of scientists (real or fictional) follows a few basic themes. These themes are often to reinforce misconceptions about the working scientist which the laymen already hold. A quick glance… [Read more…]


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