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An Inbetween Universe

January 22, 2012


What the Universe Is Like My first full-time physics teaching job was at a Church of England School in Wigan. The arrangement was mutually appealing for employer and employee: I had just taken some time off to work my second job as a piano player, after having completed a training year in some very (as… [Read more…]

The Two Euphemisms of ‘Reason’ and ‘Evidence’

November 23, 2011


If you’re a Christian or other theist, don’t get too excited. I’m not going to do you that much of a favour. What I am going to do, is to offer a stronger case for the opposition. If you are a non-beliver, I predict that you are likely to disagree with what I am about to say. Indeed,… [Read more…]

Why Are There No Christian Anti-Theists?

November 22, 2011


It is important to clarify two distinct types of rejection of religion. There is a difference between non-belief of theistic religions (a-theism), and a loathing of the beliefs and practices of theistic religions (anti-theism). The first is to think something false; the second to want it to be false. Both of these views can be attained with the same kind of… [Read more…]

4 Obviously Wrong Ideas – That Took Centuries to Debunk

November 4, 2011


Introduction Modern scientific inquiry assumes, as a base assertion, that knowledge about the physical world cannot be usefully attained with thought alone. You would think that this would go without saying.  However, for many centuries it was the contrary assumption that predominated.  This view of knowledge was so persuasive that it took centuries to discover some… [Read more…]

What is Strange About Quantum Physics? [Part 1: Random]

September 20, 2011


Al and the Casino Al doesn’t know why he still plays this game.  Before picking up the dice, he’s hesitant how to bet.  Not due to any anxiety; he couldn’t be calmer.  It’s the realization of his thorough indifference to ‘craps’ that makes him pause to reassess. “Why bother playing, when there’s no way of telling what’s… [Read more…]

Atheist Lectures

September 6, 2011


Below are links to recordings of some of my recent God-bashing activity.  The Scientific Impossibility of MiraclesIn response to a series of talks by the Religion and Philosophy department at Alleyn’s School, I thought it was my duty (and pleasure) to speak on ‘The Scientific Impossibility of Miracles’.

Physics Lectures

September 6, 2011


Below are links to recordings of some of the physics lecture I have given over the past few years. 11-vii-01 – Alleyn’s School Lightning Strike (on 11-06-28) On Tuesday the 28th of June 2011 at around 2:15pm, the tower on top of the Duke of Edinburgh Building at Alleyn’s School was struck by lightning. As well… [Read more…]

My Favourite Insults (Part 1: Disraeli, Schopenhauer, Hitchens)

July 17, 2011


Disraeli on Gladstone In 1852, Benjamin Disraeli became Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Conservative Parliament of Lord Derby.  Very shortly the budget failed, and the government fell. William Gladstone‘s criticism of the budget, his subsequent dismissal from the Conservative Party, and his succession as Chancellor in the Liberal opposition’s new government, began of a life long political and personal feud… [Read more…]

C. S. Lewis’ Miraculous Error

July 13, 2011


If I put six pennies into a drawer on Monday and six more on Tuesday, the laws decree that – other things being equal – I shall find twelve pennies there on Wednesday.  But if the drawer is has been robbed I may in fact find only two.  Something will have been broken (the lock of… [Read more…]


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