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An Observable Quantum Biological Effect

February 4, 2012


With all my recent criticism of ‘quantum consciousness‘ I thought you might be interested in hearing about a quantum effect that ‘mainstream’ physicists think is exhibited in biological organisms. I hope you will find it much more illuminating than the dense-vocabulary of quantum parapsychology. —————— In 1848, Louis Pasteur discovered that some molecules can have the… [Read more…]

A Critique of the “Quantum Consciousness” Hypothesis (Part 2 of 2)

February 4, 2012


[I was recently asked some questions about 'psi' when I replied to a post about my recent Brian Cox article that appeared on I replied to the post and it started up an interesting discussion. Here is my second reply. The first can be found here] Summary of Part 1 In the first part of this… [Read more…]

A Critique of the “Quantum Consciousness” Hypothesis (Part 1 of 2)

February 3, 2012


[I was recently asked some questions about 'psi' (psychic abilities) when I replied to a post about my recent Brian Cox article that appeared on I replied to the post and it started up an interesting discussion. Here is my first reply] Introduction If you didn’t know anything about this topic, it would be tempting to suppose… [Read more…]

Research & Antiresearch – Physics Errors in Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”

January 6, 2012


‘FACT’ must be one of the least expected titles for the forward to a novel. Nevertheless, this is how Dan Brown chose to start his mystery-thriller: with a series of knowledge claims about the physics of anti-matter. The motivation for this strange opening becomes more transparent the further one reads ‘Angels and Demons’. Brown clearly intends for the… [Read more…]

The Electric Vocabulary

January 4, 2012


This article has now been published in Physics Education, and is available to read (for free) here: James Sheils 2012 Phys Educ 47 78 Below are extracts from a selection of the sources quoted in the article. Appendix – Original Sources Extract from Chaper 2 Book 2 of William Gilbert’s “De Magnete” (On Loadstone) (1600)… [Read more…]

Double Twit Experiment – What Brian Cox Gets Wrong

December 23, 2011


If you missed Brian Cox’s ‘A Night With The Star’ on Sunday’s BBC2 at 9pm, here it is: ————————- When I used to teach secondary school physics, I was very disturbed by the reverence in which Cox was held (so to speak) by teachers and students alike. I think the appreciation he receives is indicative of most what is… [Read more…]

Kepler and Jesus’ Star

December 12, 2011


Who vagrant transitory Comets see, Wonders, because they are rare: but a new starre Whose motion with the firmament agrees, Is miracle, for there no new things are. From John Donne’s ‘To the Countesse of Huntingdon‘ [Appears in Arthur Koestler (1959) 'Sleepwalkers: A History of Man's Changing Vision of the Universe'] ———————— In 1604, while… [Read more…]

The Day Benjamin Franklin Caused an Earthquake

November 9, 2011


In the early morning of November 18th 1755, eastern American felt the strongest earthquake the colonies had ever experienced. Witnesses reported it lasted for an uninterrupted 4 minutes. The earth cracked and walls fell. Chimneys collapsed and thousands of buildings were damaged. And it was all Benjamin Franklin’s fault. Well, that’s what Boston’s Rev. Thomas… [Read more…]

4 Obviously Wrong Ideas – That Took Centuries to Debunk

November 4, 2011


Introduction Modern scientific inquiry assumes, as a base assertion, that knowledge about the physical world cannot be usefully attained with thought alone. You would think that this would go without saying.  However, for many centuries it was the contrary assumption that predominated.  This view of knowledge was so persuasive that it took centuries to discover some… [Read more…]

An Introduction to Theoretical Physics (Part 5 of 5)

October 20, 2011


Introduction to Part 5 At this point, let’s reflect upon the topics we have included in our little exploration.  I have tried to place the topics into two groups: Physics  Mathematics Resistor Addition (Series and Parallel) Combinations Ohm’s Law Factorials Kirchoff’s Laws of Electrical Circuits Pascal’s Triangle Electrical Potential Difference Summation Notation You’ll notice that a great… [Read more…]


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