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Double Twit Experiment – What Brian Cox Gets Wrong

December 23, 2011


If you missed Brian Cox’s ‘A Night With The Star’ on Sunday’s BBC2 at 9pm, here it is: ————————- When I used to teach secondary school physics, I was very disturbed by the reverence in which Cox was held (so to speak) by teachers and students alike. I think the appreciation he receives is indicative of most what is… [Read more…]

The Two Euphemisms of ‘Reason’ and ‘Evidence’

November 23, 2011


If you’re a Christian or other theist, don’t get too excited. I’m not going to do you that much of a favour. What I am going to do, is to offer a stronger case for the opposition. If you are a non-beliver, I predict that you are likely to disagree with what I am about to say. Indeed,… [Read more…]

5 Famous Misquoted Scientists

October 25, 2011


Isaac Newton and the Invention of the Cat Flap Reported “PHILOSOPHY AND COMMON SENSE You know the anecdote of Coleridge, Southey, and Wordsworth, whose united wits could not get the horse’s collar off over his head, when the Scotch girl did it with a single jerk. The Country Parson tells a much better anecdote than… [Read more…]


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