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Double Twit Experiment – What Brian Cox Gets Wrong

December 23, 2011


If you missed Brian Cox’s ‘A Night With The Star’ on Sunday’s BBC2 at 9pm, here it is: ————————- When I used to teach secondary school physics, I was very disturbed by the reverence in which Cox was held (so to speak) by teachers and students alike. I think the appreciation he receives is indicative of most what is… [Read more…]

What is Strange About Quantum Physics? [Part 1: Random]

September 20, 2011


Al and the Casino Al doesn’t know why he still plays this game.  Before picking up the dice, he’s hesitant how to bet.  Not due to any anxiety; he couldn’t be calmer.  It’s the realization of his thorough indifference to ‘craps’ that makes him pause to reassess. “Why bother playing, when there’s no way of telling what’s… [Read more…]

C. S. Lewis’ Miraculous Error

July 13, 2011


If I put six pennies into a drawer on Monday and six more on Tuesday, the laws decree that – other things being equal – I shall find twelve pennies there on Wednesday.  But if the drawer is has been robbed I may in fact find only two.  Something will have been broken (the lock of… [Read more…]


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