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In Defense of Internet Arguments

April 28, 2012


It is widely assumed that internet message-boards are the treadmills of debate. Nobody gets anywhere while on them – either physically or intellectually. Yet, every day, they provide rhetorical exercise for millions around the globe. I disagree with this summary view, and argue on forums almost daily. My friends have two responses to this past-time. They either say… [Read more…]

In The Wake Of Christopher Hitchens

December 19, 2011


In my career, I have managed to undertake almost every task that the hack journalist can be asked to perform, from being an amateur foreign correspondent to acting as stand-in cinema critic, to knocking out pieces of polemical editorial against the clock. Yet perhaps I have misused the word “undertake” above, because two jobs only… [Read more…]

My Favourite Insults (Part 1: Disraeli, Schopenhauer, Hitchens)

July 17, 2011


Disraeli on Gladstone In 1852, Benjamin Disraeli became Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Conservative Parliament of Lord Derby.  Very shortly the budget failed, and the government fell. William Gladstone‘s criticism of the budget, his subsequent dismissal from the Conservative Party, and his succession as Chancellor in the Liberal opposition’s new government, began of a life long political and personal feud… [Read more…]

Imaginary Sharks

July 16, 2011


The Setup While sitting down for lunch a few weeks ago, a Christian colleague and I slowly established our inevitable, yet unscheduled, weekly argument about faith. This normally makes for rather trite lunchtime conversation, as the neighboring diners would agree.  His arguments for faith were often the same, and my replies were equally repetitive.  This is always the trouble… [Read more…]


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