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In Defense of Internet Arguments

April 28, 2012


It is widely assumed that internet message-boards are the treadmills of debate. Nobody gets anywhere while on them – either physically or intellectually. Yet, every day, they provide rhetorical exercise for millions around the globe. I disagree with this summary view, and argue on forums almost daily. My friends have two responses to this past-time. They either say… [Read more…]

Teaching The Logic Of Scientific Discovery With Games – Part 1: Feynman Chess

February 29, 2012


“It’s a great huge game of chess that’s being played – all over the world – if this is the world at all, you know.” Alice, in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass’[1] Introduction There are many different analogies, models, and games used by teachers to try to explain what scientists do. This can be valuable,… [Read more…]

An Inbetween Universe

January 22, 2012


What the Universe Is Like My first full-time physics teaching job was at a Church of England School in Wigan. The arrangement was mutually appealing for employer and employee: I had just taken some time off to work my second job as a piano player, after having completed a training year in some very (as… [Read more…]

In The Wake Of Christopher Hitchens

December 19, 2011


In my career, I have managed to undertake almost every task that the hack journalist can be asked to perform, from being an amateur foreign correspondent to acting as stand-in cinema critic, to knocking out pieces of polemical editorial against the clock. Yet perhaps I have misused the word “undertake” above, because two jobs only… [Read more…]


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