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Who is a ‘Scientist’? (Part 3: Whewell’s Word)

October 12, 2012


In the previous two posts in this series, I detailed what I considered to a valuable methodology for investigating the world, and (for want of a better term) dubbed those who hold these views to be ‘scientists‘. Given all the monotheist mathematicians, all the psychic psychologists, all the Scientologist seismologists, we have needed such a distinction for quite some […]

Scientific Theories According to Christianity – Number 2: Work

December 4, 2011


Click here for part 1 (Buoyancy) [Click to enlarge]

Scientific Theories According to Christianity – Number 1: Buoyancy

October 21, 2011


[Click to enlarge]

An Introduction to Theoretical Physics (Part 4 of 5)

October 20, 2011


Introduction to Part 4 Now we have a solution for the tesseract, we could ask about still higher dimensions.  Rather than a case by case study, we might now aim at a general equation that tells you the resistance of a cube of identical resistors of any dimension.  We have a little experience with this when defining […]

An Introduction to Theoretical Physics (Part 2 of 5)

October 18, 2011


Introduction to Part 2 In Part 1, the importance of abstraction was justified as a way to satisfy the human goal of knowing and predicting the most, while remembering the least.  It enables physicsists to describe the workings of the universe with a small collection of simple patterns. Satisifed that the resistor addition equations can be mathematically […]

What is Strange About Quantum Physics? [Part 1: Random]

September 20, 2011


Al and the Casino Al doesn’t know why he still plays this game.  Before picking up the dice, he’s hesitant how to bet.  Not due to any anxiety; he couldn’t be calmer.  It’s the realization of his thorough indifference to ‘craps’ that makes him pause to reassess. “Why bother playing, when there’s no way of telling what’s […]

A Censorship Problem

September 16, 2011


While on holiday in Boston MA, I was down a public street when I happened upon a DVD perched on a walled flower bed. Curious, I picked it up only to read ‘Understanding Islam’ on the cover. What I did next slightly bothers me. I put the CD in my pocket, flew it back to London […]


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